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I have been moving forward on a number of fronts lately. It’s been a busy month.

  • Diversion has hit the shelves (Kindle and Paperback)!
  • Stand Alone has been published to Smashwords, so if you have been waiting for the ePub, you can get it now! It should be showing up in Apple iBooks, Scribd, and all of the other places that Smashwords publishes to shortly.
  • Tattooed Teardrops is out for final edits and should be out next month. I need to pull together a trailer…
  • I am looking for beta readers for Don’t Forget Steven (to be published in September) and for Those Who Believe (to be published in October). If you are interested and are not on my beta reader circulation list, drop me a line!
  • And, of course, I finished the first draft (actually, I’m on about the third draft now) of Cynthia has a Secret, which I wrote for July CampNano. See my shiny CampNano badge to the right?
  • And because I have so much free time, I’m working on rewrites of a couple of older novels that are planned for release next year…

On to the teaser! I picked up Other People because it is about a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder, one of the mental illnesses that I have also written about (mine isn’t out until next year). It had good reviews, so I wanted to see how another author (Kelly O’Callan) handled the research and writing about this difficult subject matter.

Other people are everybody but me… Other people have missions, a purpose on earth… Everyone else has fulfillment in life, not me.

Other People, Kelly O’Callan

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“I can’t stay with you Ginny, because one day your disorder will cause you to hate me. And I never want you to hate me.”

Painfully shy and socially awkward, Ginny avoids engaging in a world filled with “other people” as best as she can. After a failed suicide attempt, Ginny is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and begins a journey towards improving her distraught life. In her quest to fit in among other people, Ginny studies the behaviors of her picture-perfect new neighbors, Jim and Nina, and tries her best to mimic their life skills. But, will Ginny’s attempts to be one of the other people help her fit into their world, or send her crashing back deeper into the dark, isolated world she is desperately trying to escape?



  1. Definitely sounds pretty sad! And also like a book that would really make me think. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pick sounds good! Thanks for stopping by Shut Up & Read!

  3. Great teaser. It sounds really interesting but I have a hard time with sad stories. I only read them sparingly if they are really good. Thanks for stopping by my site.

  4. Oh my, I do really feel honoured to have you commenting on my blog! I completely love to read about fiction about mental illness, addiction and abuse since reading a few amazing Harry Potter fanfictions. Would really like to read one of your books as well then. Deviation, Breaking the Pattern seems so intriguing!

    As for your teaser, it makes the book looks very promising. Will make sure to check the book out on Amazon or the other sites 🙂

    • I hope that you will check out one of mine! Ruby is doing best in Amazon sales. My favorite out of those that have been published thus far is Stand Alone.

      The sequel to Deviation just came out, and the third in the series will be out in December, so if you get hooked on Deviation, you won’t have to wait long to read all three (it is only a three-part series. At this point, anyway.)

  5. I know a number of people with BPD so I’d be interested to see how the author explores this.

    Mine is here:

  6. Whoa. Gotta be pretty down to try and end it. This sounds very dark and I hope it ends on a high note. Oops. I see looking above that the author does try. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good night.
    sherry @ fundinmental

  7. This sounds like my type of book. Thanks for sharing. Here’s My Teaser

  8. Your teaser sounds depressing.

  9. WP keeps labeling me spam, so don’t know if this will go through… Sounds interesting, though emotionally intense. My teaser also deals with mental illness this week: The Bell Jar

  10. Hi,

    Those are some heartfelt lines, from a character who sounds as though she is screaming out for someone to help and listen to her!

    Whilst this probably isn’t a book for my own reading list, I can appreciate the compelling urge to read on, simply to find out whether Ginny can get her life back on track …. If she succeeds, I would like to know her secret!

    Thanks for sharing,


  11. This sounds like a fascinating book. I’ll read it — and I’ll be watching for yours too!
    My Tuesday post features THE MOST UNSUITABLE WIFE.

    • Great! My book featuring a character with BDP should be out next January. It is “June and Justin”, sequel to “Ruby” (but it works as a stand alone, you don’t have to have read Ruby to get it.)

      • Just to update you, June & Justin was delayed in production, but is now out! To refresh your memory, this is my book about a character with Borderline Personality Disorder.

  12. This one sounds like a tough read! Hope it’s worth it in the end!
    Today I’m spotlighting This is the Water

  13. Oh, that sounds really sad! But what a different experience to have to live with. This could be a really great book from an incredibly diverse perspective. Really interesting choice!
    My Teaser.

  14. Sounds interesting. I haven’t read a novel where the disorder was so much a part of the book except for a few with depression. Hope you enjoy it! Your books sound interesting too. And thank you for reading my teaser tuesday at Through Raspberry Colored Glasses.

  15. Sounds like a good read, but sad. Good luck with your own books! Some of them sound like I might enjoy them even though I stay away from the young adult genre.

    You already know that mine is a series mystery, my favorite genre according to what I’ve been reading lately, lol.

    • I have one out so far that is not YA, and that is Looking Over Your Shoulder. I’ve got another scheduled for next year.

      • Oh, good. I’ll watch for it.

        • It is “Lion Within” and is scheduled for April/May next year (meaning it is on my schedule for April, but seeing as April is Camp NaNo, I may put it off until May!)

          But there really isn’t a big difference between my adult books and my young adult books. I don’t write high school drama, coming of age, teenage angst, or fantasy. It’s generally about kids who find themselves dealing with some pretty grown-up issues. When I was dropping some paperbacks off for one of my beta readers, her young son (I think he was about 11) was looking at them, and she told him he could read my adult book (Looking Over Your Shoulder), but not the young adult books (at that time, only Deviation and Ruby). LOL.

          • Oh good. I really don’t care for those coming of age books. Probably the reason I’ve been staying away from young adult books–that and I’m 70 years old, lol.

  16. This sounds like a great read!

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