John Fiske is looking for The Simple Truth

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I have just started in on David Baldacci’s The Simple Truth.

I always pick up Baldacci and have rarely been disappointed. This is a book along the lines of a Grisham legal thriller or Michael Connelly’s Lincoln Lawyer series.

There is some kind of plot that has sent a man to prison for life. He has already served 25 years when it starts to come to light. Michael Fiske, a clerk for the Supreme Court, gets tangled up in it and is killed, and his big brother joins in the investigation to find out what happened.

I’m not very far in yet, but the foundation that has been laid is promising!

Several times Rider’s eyes widened as Harms’s words spilled over him. Finished, the prisoner sat back and looked at him.

“You going to help me, ain’t you?”

David Baldacci, Simple Truth

It’s never what it seems…Young attorney Michael Fiske broke the law when he took Rufus Harms’s prison letter from the Supreme Court. But he also sealed his own fate. Suddenly everyone who has anything to do with Harms or his appeal mysteriously dies. Now Michael’s brother John, a cop turned attorney, comes to Washington to find out why his brother was murdered–and what it had to do with a crime that Harms committed twenty-five years before. But the one man who can help John, the one man who knows what really happened more than two decades ago–and why–has escaped from prison and is running for his life.

Tell me what you think!

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