Cover Design

I designed the majority of the covers you see on my books page. I do not have a degree in design; only what I have learned in the trenches. Minimum price $10, plus the license for any stock photos or fonts I do not already hold licenses for.

I design full-wrap covers that can be used for print copies, with the front alone used for ebooks:

cover-sample  tick

The bleeds on this one allow it to be used as for paperback on Createspace and for perfect bound or case laminate on IngramSpark:


And a square audiobook cover:


If you have an ebook cover, I can design a wraparound for you. This gorgeous Kindle cover designed by Derek Murphy, and I put together the spine and back for the print edition. (I am still waiting for a bit of text on the back page, so the design isn’t yet balanced.)


Or if you have a concept, I can bring it to life: (Again, I am still waiting for a picture from the author on this one.)

melody-sample artificial-earth-5-bookcover6x9_bw_200

This is a fun project that I worked on where a teacher was putting together anthologies for her class for a private print run rather than commercial sales. The student groups picked out stock photos and suggested fonts. I have removed the names of the contributors from the back for their privacy.

abscond2 alice

Look at these pages if you need 3D mockups of a cover for a boxed set.

Email me with your requirements!