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Release of Gem, Himself, Alone
Jul 19 all-day

Alone on the street, Gem joins up with the Rippers gang to escape his old life, burying his past the best he can.

Riker, a vice cop, makes it his business to put Gem behind bars, but he can’t break the alibis Gem has for crimes Riker knows he has committed.

Gem has a special gift for unbreakable alibis.

Riker delves into Gem’s past in a bid to discover his secrets. Can he sort through the tangled threads to lay Gem’s past bare? And if he does, will he be able to put Gem behind bars and see that he is punished for all he has done?

Or can Gem keep his secrets from coming to light and make a new life for himself, one where he is free and able to make his own choices?

Release of June, Into the Light
Aug 23 all-day

Incarcerated after a failed attempt at armed robbery, June Simpson is forced to detox and to face the reality of the misery and abuse she has perpetrated on those closest to her, especially her children. Getting clean is just the first of her challenges, and as difficult as it is, may be the easiest part. 

Her path ahead is filled with obstacles, and facing Michelle and Kenny and convincing them that she has really changed and is capable of carrying on a relationship with them seems like an insurmountable task.