Upcoming Events

Release of Cold as Ice Cream
12:00 am
It’s a CO2 cook-off! Chef Kirschoff and Vic’s friends from the Alaskan cruise are back for a carbonation contest, with Erin and Vic acting as two of the judges. It’s fizzy, it’s fun, what could[...]
Changinge Fortune Cookies
12:00 am
Fortune Cookies Favor the Bold The baker turned sleuth is hard at work once more, trying to run her business while at the same time tracking down a missing boy. Is he missing by his[...]
Release of Hot on the Trail
12:00 am
Spelunking isn’t for sissies. When Vic and Willie discover human remains in a cave they are exploring, the shock waves are felt throughout Bald Eagle Falls. When Willie falls under suspicion, Erin has to do[...]