Author Services

Since I started working on publishing Looking Over Your Shoulder in 2013, I have learned an incredible amount about publishing and have developed more than just my writing muscles. I have been helping friends and fellow writers with some of these new-found skills, and would like to open up and offer them to you.

Cover Design

3D Mockups

Collections/ Boxed Sets

Ad Design

Book Formatting

Cross Promotion

I offer a lot of cross-promotional opportunities with my weekly reader newsletter. If you write in the same genres as I do, contact me if you have a new release, freebie, or would like to participate in a holiday or themed promotion!

Other Services

Do you  have a need for other author services I can help you with? Do you need help troubleshooting a problem in Createspace or IngramSpark? Someone to shepherd you through the process of self-publishing for the first time? Confused by Scrivener for Mac OS compile settings? Have a book with limited distribution that you want to get printed (such as a grandparent’s biography or a family recipe book)? Drop me a line and let’s talk!

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