A Psychic with Catitude and other New Releases

It is new release day! Book two of the Reg Rawlins Psychic Investigator series, A Psychic with Catitude, is live today, and I have a round-up of other new releases for your reading pile as well. If you enjoyed What the Cat Knew, you’ll love reading more about Reg Rawlins, Starlight, and the rest of the cast in this new book.

About A Psychic with Catitude

Reg Rawlins is back in business, asked by Detective Jessup to consult on a missing persons case. 

Little does she know that it’s not your average teen runaway or kidnapping. There is something strange going on.

Reg is dealing with her own personal issues with her health, an overly-interested warlock, and a furry psychic partner with definite attitude. 

Time is running short for the teen and Reg needs to act now.

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And more new releases

Wolf On the Job

Wolf on the Job, by Amanda M. Lee

Aric Winters has a full and happy life, including a magical wife who can’t stay out of a trouble and an eight-year-old daughter who is following in her footsteps. Despite that, he’s content.

That is until things come to a head in his professional and personal lives and things threaten to careen out of control.
As a shifter, Aric has certain responsibilities in the wolf hierarchy. His father makes that clear when he brings a bigwig for a visit and expects Aric to entertain him. Unfortunately for Aric, his daughter Sami is out of school for the day so he has to take her along for the ride.

Sami is special, of course. She’s more than a wolf thanks to her mother’s mage background. That power is put on display when a member of the wolf council goes missing and Sami is expected to track him through the woods.

Instead of finding a living wolf, though, Aric finds a dead one … and it’s not the one he’s looking for. What follows is a race against the clock to find a murderer and keep his family safe.

Naan of Your Business: A Comeback Kid Story

Naan of your Business, by Jack Roach

In this hilarious take on the modern-day detective story, Frank “The Comeback Kid” Davenport has made a cozy living finishing arguments for people too embarrassed to speak up for themselves. But when a beautiful young woman hires him to tell off her dad, he quickly discovers that this job will be unlike any he’s had before. If he’s going to finish it, the unlikely sleuth will have to hunt her father down himself. The only problem? Ruthless killers are also looking for him, and now Frank is in their sights. His only hope is to find out why the dad skipped town before his life, career, and floundering love life are ruined.

Southern Fortunes

Southern Fortune by Amy Boyles

When Pepper teaches a class at the Southern School of Magic, she expects a run of the mill experience. But when a gaggle of mean teachers invades her classroom, Pepper is on high alert. 

These women are nasty and they make no bones about disliking Pepper. 

Pepper does her best to stay far away from them, but when one of the witches is murdered in broad daylight, everyone’s a suspect, including Rufus Mayes, who’s moved back into town.

But Rufus’s intentions are honest. At least so it seems. After all, he gave Pepper an amulet that will protect her from evil. When her boyfriend, Axel Reign, discovers what Rufus has given her, he’s ticked off and rightly so. Not only that, but Axel drops a bombshell on Pepper regarding their relationship that will change everything. 

Homicide at Emu Lodge

Homicide at Emu Lodge, by June Whyte

The week leading up to Christmas should be fun, but when mobile-veterinarians, Emily and Maggie encounter an angry arachnid as large as a small dog, they decide it’s no fun at all – especially as the eight-legged creepy-crawly is guarding a dead body.

Who hated the arrogant literary agent enough to kill her? Was it her boss, Edward G. Peters, the best-selling horror author whose Modus Operandi in his latest novel is identical to the crime? The jovial cook who is protecting a shady secret? The young cleaner who thinks nothing of skirting the truth? The computer guy with a hidden agenda? Or the scruffy burglar caught breaking into Emu Lodge the day before the murder?

Once again, the two amateur sleuths soon find themselves stethoscope-deep in another baffling mystery. However, when Maggie’s daughter, Judi, gets caught up in the killer’s sights and Fat Santa threatens to blow them away if they don’t butt out, both Maggie and Emily wonder if maybe the stakes are too high after all.

That is until Maggie wakes to find herself surrounded by spiders…

Heirlooms and Homicide

Heirlooms and Homicide, by Danielle Collins

Henrietta Hewitt runs an antique store in Hearts Grove, Washington. In the process of collecting antiques, she comes across countless unusual items, many with a story. Some with secrets. When a missing girl is mixed with a prized antique, things turn deadly. Can Henrietta solve the mystery of the antique box and keep everyone safe?

Red Picket Fences

Red Picket Fences, by Daphne McLean

Jennifer Temple, a true crime fanatic and stay-at-home-mom, is growing restless in her small town neighborhood. To spice things up, she tries everything from sewing her own clothes to raising chickens.  

However, nothing ever changes in Pembury Acres.

Until a house fire takes the lives of her new neighbors. The community is rocked, and the police move to close the case quickly.

Too quickly.

Using skills gained from watching endless hours of true crime TV and a compulsion to get to the bottom of things,
Jennifer stumbles onto clues that put her in the middle of the investigation – and right in the sights of the killer.

Thyme to Kill

Thyme to Kill by Tegan Maher

Toni Owens is at a crossroads. Divorced, low on funds, and unhappy with where she’s at in life, she decides to buy a lodge in the mountains and start over. When she arrives at her new home, she finds the grand lodge is a run-down mess. To make matters worse, she finds the one person she’s connected with standing over a dead body on her first full day in town.

Now, Toni needs to find a way to clear her new friend of murder while searching for a job and figuring out what to do with the lodge she’d pinned her dreams on. 

Throw in a goofy dog who needs a home, a ghost reluctant to share his space, and a handsome neighbor eager to help her rebuild, and she’s got her hands full. Determined to make her fresh start a success, she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work, but will it be enough?

Kitty Confidential

Kitty Confidential by Molly Fitz

I was just your normal twenty-something with seven associate degrees and no idea what I wanted to do with my life. That is, until I died… Well, almost.

As if a near-death experience at the hands of an old coffeemaker wasn’t embarrassing enough, I woke up to find I could talk to animals. Or rather one animal in particular.

His full name is Octavius Maxwell Ricardo Edmund Frederick Fulton, but since that’s way too long for anyone to remember, I’ve taken to calling him Octo-Cat. He talks so fast he can be difficult to understand, but seems to be telling me that his late owner didn’t die of natural causes like everyone believes.

Well, now it looks like I no longer have a choice, apparently my life calling is to serve as Blueberry Bay’s first ever pet whisperer P.I while maintaining my façade as a paralegal at the offices of Fulton, Thompson & Associates. 

Honey Homicide

Honey Homicide by Vikkie Walton

A series of man-made fires has the small mountain town of Carolan Springs on edge. When drug dealer Ray Lawrence is found murdered in the Bennett’s burned-out greenhouse, all signs lead to someone called The Bull. A mysterious woman’s arrival in town has Anne suspecting that Deputy Ruiz and the newcomer are hiding something. Anne’s determined to find out what is going on between them.

When beekeeper Bill Connor is attacked in his greenhouse, Anne starts to wonder if there’s a connection. After Sheriff Carson is arrested for the fire-bombing of Hope’s Herbal Shoppe, Anne must determine if he’s guilty or innocent. 

The Ghost and the Baby

The Ghost and the Baby by Bobbi Holmes

While the residents on Beach Drive prepare for the welcomed arrival of a new baby, they are blindsided by the newest resident’s plans to close down Marlow House.

No one is prepared for the deadly secrets the new neighbor unwittingly conceals.

Walt knows more than he realizes. If he can just remember.

Break-ins and Bloodshed

The Ghost and the Baby by Bobbi Holmes

Henrietta’s antique store is gearing up for the busy season in Hearts Grove. After a string of robberies casts doubt on the source of some of her antiques, she steps in to try and catch a thief. When a dead body turns up, she has a full-fledged murder mystery on her hands.

Can she find the killer and secure an impressive stash of antiques for her store?

Death at the Tavern

Death at the Tavern by Lee Strauss

It’s the hot and humid East Coast summer of 1931 and seven years since Dr. Haley Higgins’ brother Joe was murdered. The case is cold. The Boston Police Department may have given up on finding Joe Higgins’ killer, but Haley never will. She’s serious and savvy and has what it takes to hold up under depressive times. At least she finds some satisfaction doing her part as the city pathologist’s assistant in solving other crimes.

Investigative reporter Samantha Hawke ~ byline Sam Hawke ~ is blond, beautiful and broke, no thanks to her no good husband who’s been on the lam for over six years. Her position at the Boston Daily Record is more than a job ~ it’s payback.

When a man is found dead at the Bell in Hand Tavern on Union Street, Haley and Samantha are both working the case. Haley’s looking for justice and Samantha’s after recognition and a raise. They may want the same thing ~ to catch a killer ~ but it turns out they may need each other to solve this case before becoming the next victims.

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